Hello, this is your admin Ivana!

Sadly, I would like to confirm that this blog will go on a temporary hiatus. I know that I haven’t been posting on this blog too often, and I even thought about shutting it down for good. However, I would never want to let go of a blog like this. So, after a few thoughts, I decided to put this on hiatus. I know most of you guys are anticipating for more posts, but I just can’t find the time. Please understand that I am not shutting this blog down, just temporarily letting it go for a while until I can finally find the time to update frequently. If you want to stay in contact with me, visit my main blog or my twitter.

Hopefully I’ll start posting again soon! Until then, have a wonderful day and fighting! - Ivana

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Hello! (update)

Hey everybody it’s Ivana, and yes it’s been a long time. Just like that previous post said, it was my birthday yesterday (omg). But I’m here to apologize about the lack of posting lately, and I mean it’s gotten to the point whether or not I should continue this blog. 


And the reason is I just can’t waste a blog which 1,000+ of you follow (wow) and I should be responsible of everything that goes on. Hopefully this upcoming November I can get this going up again like it did in the past. Please be patient and I’ll try my best!

Until next time, keep on kpoppin! - Ivana (your admin that feels bad)

psst everyone, it’s reiko here, and today is ivana’s (creator of this blog) birthday! if you would please be so kind to send her a birthday message on her blog and/or send an ask/submission to this blog that I created for her birthday, that would be the best!!!